JPM’s Normand Says Exchanges Erode Bitcoin Rationale

Dec.11 — John Normand, head of cross-asset fundamental strategy at JPMorgan Chase, discusses the start of Bitcoin futures trading and what it means for the future of the cryptocurrency. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Guy Johnson on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


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10 Thoughts to “JPM’s Normand Says Exchanges Erode Bitcoin Rationale”

  1. "The transparency of the global markets" are you having a laugh

  2. I agree if this is a bubble, its too early. If it gets to the point it will affect lives of regular people then we need to prepare for a big short

  3. BTC is like Trump, say what you want, but you can't stop it

  4. Privacy outlet? BTC futures launched no Monero futures lulz

  5. bitcoin is not anonymous what a fucking idoit

  6. Establishment lists Bitcoin futures then commences to criticize themselves for listing Bitcoin futures. Get the popcorn.

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